hiace labuan bajo
Kunjungan Presiden Ri Ke Labuan Bajo
Sewa Fortuner Labuan Bajo   Lagi Cari atau Ingin… Sewa Fortuner Labuan Bajo ? Sulit mencari perusaahan rental kendaraan yang mengerti kebutuhan kamu? kini sudah ada Komodo Shuttle yang akan menyediakan segala bentuk kebutuhan selama di Labuan Bajo dan seluruh flores. Di Komodo Shuttle kami menyewakan Fortuner seri VRZ dan TRD yang kamu bisa pakai...
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Batu Cermin Entry
Batu Cermin cave Batu Cermin cave is set within an impressive prominent rock formation near Labuan Bajo. Through a hole in the cave, rays of light find their way into the cave’s inside walls where they perform a spectacular show of reflected sunlight. This fascinating effect is caused by some slick, mirror-like rock surfaces that...
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17 Pulau Riung, The national park area is inhabited by various species
 17个岛屿 Riung – Flores The sub-district of Riung, located to the north of Bajawa, is famed for its beautiful coral gardens. The coast and the surrounding area of the town of Riung have become a national conservation area, and were even given the status of a national park and named Pulau Tujuh Belas, or ‘Seventeen...
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