Batu Cermin Entry

Batu Cermin cave

Batu Cermin cave is set within an impressive prominent rock formation near Labuan Bajo. Through a hole in the cave, rays of light find their way into the cave’s inside walls where they perform a spectacular show of reflected sunlight. This fascinating effect is caused by some slick, mirror-like rock surfaces that reflect the light. Hence the cave’s name, Batu Cermin, which means ‘mirror rock’ in Indonesian. If you want to experience this visual delight in all its beauty, make sure to be there at the right time: depending on the time of year, the sunrays only hit the hole between 9 and 10am.

However, the cave is a lovely site not only during these morning hours, but at any time of the day. Batu Cermin lies in a fantastic natural environment with an excellent panoramic view over the mainland and the islands nearby. It is surrounded by forests where long-tailed monkeys and wild boars live.

A ladder walkway leads you along the last meters to the cave, passing through a series of pre-chambers before entering the actual ‘mirror rock’ site. Inside the cave, colonies of bats go about their daily business. While bats are found in abundance, you have to be very lucky to see the local spiders, who, when approached, quickly scamper out of sight.

At the entrance of Batu Cermin, a guard will ask you to sign the guestbook and pay a small entrance fee of Rp 25,000 for international visitors and Rp 10,000 for domestic. Although it is most unlikely you will get lost in the cave, there are local guides who are more than happy to accompany you for a small fee. They can also lend you a flashlight. Please bring your own water and food.

Batu Cermin, or Mirror Rock

Batu Cermin, or Mirror Rock, is actually a tunnel or cave in a dark stone hills of Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. Sunshine comes in through a hole in the tunnel and then bounces on the stone walls that again reflect small lights to other areas inside the cave like a mirror. That’s why this site is called mirror rock.

The cave is located east of Labuan Bajo harbor some four kilometers from the town’s center. The cave has forests surrounding it where you can find long-tailed monkeys and wild boar. Travel agencies sell tour packages to Batu Cermin as part of a city tour program from Labuan Bajo.

Nearly all interesting sites in Labuan Bajo are located on islands facing this harbor. Most are unoccupied and you can go there for sunbathing, diving or snorkeling. Bidadari Island has a beautiful beach for sunbathing. Its seas are good for snorkeling and diving. Kanawa and Kukusan Kecil Islands are also good for snorkeling and diving. In addition, Serayu island has white sand and beautiful corals.

Make sure that you bring along anti-mosquito lotions and anti-malaria medicines, since Labuan Bajo is a malaria endemic area. Bring along also sunblock lotions, a hat, and sunglasses, as it can be very hot here during the dry season. You can buy these at the supermarket in town or from your hotel shop.

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