Megaltic site at Bena Village

Bena Village – Bajawa

Bena, a community that is situated about 16km from Bajawa at the foot of Mount Inerie, is the most famous and also most visited village in the Ngada district. With its impressive stone formations and ancestral shrines. As well as traditional houses, Bena has turned into a signpost for Ngada culture.

Megaltic site at Bena VillageThe way from Bajawa to Bena pass on  Mt. Inerie. It’s still active volcano. You can get a nice view and take great shot for pictures. Before reach Bena village the road going up, and from the peak you will see great view of Bena village on a distance (see the pictures above). It is great pictures, isn’t it?

Before entering the village there is a guard post where you buy an entrance ticket and write on a guest book. There is toilet on the back side with enough of water, even plenty of water. Last time I saw the water is running all the time.

Arrive in the village, take stone steps up to the village, big stone altar on middle of the village and couples of small huts called Ngadu and Baga as symbol of male and female ancestors. Wooden houses with touched roof along the left and right side of the village.It is really beautiful and lovely village…

Megaltic site at Bena Village, a community that is situated 16 from Bajawa

Megaltic site at Bena Village
Megaltic site at Bena Village

Bajawanese Traditional House Bena VillageWalk through the village take your time to explore, however there are just few people there during the day time, most people work on their field. Mostly only children and old people staying in the village. But, that is enough fro gathering around and chat with them. Some of them will try to sell their “Ikat” weaving and handcrafts; a nice woven basket which I like it and bought several.

The bhaga, a female ancestral clan shrine, is a small hut with a thatched roof that resembles a miniature of a traditional house. It symbolizes the sanctuary of the house and the female body. The bhaga offers enough space for one to two persons to hold rituals for female ancestors.

Another distinct feature of Ngada culture, of which Bena offers an awesome sight, are the megalithic formations in the village center. Megaliths are a means to connect with the supernatural realm and to communicate with the ancestors, often by animal sacrifice. As with the ngadhu and bhaga shrines, there is also a stone altar to every village clan. Additionally, a massive pile of flat stones, called lenggi, represents a court where the different clans of the village settle their legal disputes. If you look closer at the houses in Bena, you often find them decorated with skulls and horns of water buffaloes and pig jaws which were sacrificed at different ceremonies. You can learn more at

Bena can be reached easily from Bajawa by public or private transport. If you take your own car or motorbike, drive southwards on the Transflores ‘highway’. When you reach the Watujaji Bus Station, take the road on the right to Langa Village. You will pass Borani, Mari, Langagedha, and other villages. Keep driving straight southwards, and you will pass the Kolokoa Primary School (SD Inpres Kolokoa). When you reach the junction, keep going straight and you will pass POLINDAS Desa Tiworiwu on the right side; just behind this is Luba Village. Then just drive straight for at least 300 meters to reach the popular village. The distance from the Watujaji Bus Station to Bena is approximately 11km. if you wanna learn about bajawa you can go to

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